Albert and Napoleon

There is a lot of controversy about white boxers, as they are not accepted by breeders. And because of that, many of them get euthanised at birth.

Most white boxers have light spots on their coats. Many people think white boxers have all sorts of genetic and health problems, but this is not true. Perhaps they are more susceptible to sunburn, but then this is the same with white cats and very fair-skinned people.

Albert and Napoleon are only 15 days apart in age, and will soon be two years old. They are smart, playful and incredibly obedient. It was such a pleasure photographing them both. I couldn’t believe they didn’t even bark once, and were so well-behaved that they didn’t go after Nyxie (my 13 year old moggie).

Kylie, their human mum, tells me that her cats are the ones who chase Albert and Napoleon in their house. As a matter of fact, Napoleon is so scared of the oldest cat, Cyril, he won’t even walk past him! Napoleon will sit and cry until Kylie or her husband Shane move the cat for him to walk by.

Like most boxers, they both “kidney bean” to greet you – it’s like wagging their whole body rather than just their tails. They are best mates and are always together. They sit and sleep on top of each other.

The photo session was so much fun, and I hope they will allow me to photograph them again in the future.

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  • Alicia these are adorable! Not just the dogs but the photos. What a lovely choice to shoot them against the white background, and the detail shots – the paws and the little stumpy tail – made me laugh out loud. Some great expressions too. It’s not easy photographing pets and you should be very proud of yourself.ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Simply adorable!!! I especially love the one of the two of them taken from above – how did you get them to pose like that!?!?!ReplyCancel

  • Aaron

    Great images, and yes both are really cute!ReplyCancel

  • Sue

    Beautiful absolutely beautifulReplyCancel